Nemacladus rubescens

The majority of my online plant photos can be found on the Calphotos website, which is both searchable and has a lot of other people’s photos to compare to as well. I have over 38,000 photos there of over 3,000 taxa, primarily of plants from California, Oregon, and the Upper Midwest. The main goal of these photos is to help people with plant identification. Some taxonomy is out of date, so it is good to check synonyms for more recent name changes.
All my Calphotos plant photos in order by scientific name
Calphotos searching available here

I have started posting nonplant photos and some plant photos such as my Australian ones to iNaturalist. These are photos with location data attached for use in citizen science. I highly recommend everyone post your observations of organisms here. This website has been very useful to my research and the research of many others.

In addition to my iNaturalist observations which you can follow, I also occasional post photos on Instagram which is now tied into my Facebook photography feed.
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Photo Class
I have been asked whether I ever teach photography classes and I did teach one once. This was recorded and you can watch it here.